RICS Residential Property Valuation


Our main request for a residential property valuation by a RICS Surveyor (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, hence 'Chartered Surveyor') is from those with shared ownership property intending to sell or sometimes wishing to buy, i.e., it is usually found in the 'small print' of the agreement with their Housing Association that they must insruct, at their own expense, a RICS Surveyor to carry out a valuation. We are sensitively aware of this and therefore try to be as helpful as possible and minimise this often unforseen expense.


However, there are numerous other reasons for a professional valuation such as a RICS Valuation, e.g., probate, divorce, etc.


And in the case of capital gains or inheritance tax issues with HM Revenue & Customs, the valuation may have to be a historic one, i.e., back-dated to a specific point in time.


To carry out these reports, the surveyor also needs to be a Registered Valuer and we will ensure you receive the appropriately qualified professional.